We're passionate about recording, and take great care to ensure that everything is recorded to the highest technical standard.
However, we're equally passionate about ensuring that you leave the studio with a recording which is going to attract attention. Because, that's what it's all
To that end we can call upon professional musicians and producers to help create that ‘stand out’ track for you - if you so wish.


Been developing a track on your laptop? We can connect your machine to our D to A convertors, and then you can make full use of our large format analogue mixing console, valve outboard equipment and EVE monitors, to create the perfect mix!      
Whether this is your first time in a studio, or you're a seasoned professional, our relaxed environment is designed to bring out the very best in your


Our peaceful location in Hertfordshire makes this the perfect environment in which to find your creative spirit
and collaborate with others. We have an array of instruments and synthesisers to help provide inspiration and
of course, a full tracking facility upon which to pull all the various takes together into a final song.

Drums | Recording Studio
Drummer | Recording Studio

Each project has different requirements depending upon the need, but as a guide, the average daily rate is £200, or £25/hour

Martin | Recording Studio

Martin Gimson

Martin has been running Music Bunker for 10 years, and during that time, has either produced or engineered numerous sessions which have resulted in the release of scores of singles, EPs and albums, including pop, blues, folk and jazz tracks.

Nathaniel Brown | Recording Studio

Nathaniel Brown

Nathaniel is a top producer specialising in hip hop, RnB, deep house and jungle. He's also an experienced vocal coach.